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Admissions FAQs

How long does the admission process take?

Once we have received a COMPLETE application, a testing date will be set for the child.  The testing results and the complete application will be given to our admissions committee to review.  Within a week from the time of testing, you will receive notification of your child's admission status.

How old must my child be for admittance into Kindergarten and First grade?

Applicants for kindergarten must be at least five years of age no later than September 30 in the kindergarten year to be considered for admission. Applicants for first grade must be at least six years of age no later than September 30 in the first grade year to be considered for admission.

What do I need for a transfer from another school?

For an applicant who is attending another school, the student must submit a letter of recommendation from the principal of the sending school along with a complete cumulative record (including report card grades, attendance and conduct information, and standardized test scores) in order to be considered for enrollment by the Admission Committee. Additional testing may be required to evaluate applications of students attending other schools. The Admission Committee will not make offers of admission to transfer students who apply in the week before school begins with the possible exception of students moving from out of town.

Do we need to be Catholic to send our child to St. Thomas More?

Catholic schools of the diocese are open to all children regardless of race or ethnic background. In those cases which physical limitations make it necessary to restrict intake of students into a given school, priority shall be given in the following order:

  1. Children of Catholic parents who are registered in the parish or or one of the parishes in the designated school district.
  2. Children of Catholic parents registered in a church parish outside of the school district, who have the written consent of the pastor.
  3. Non-Catholic students whose parents agree to allow their children to participate in the school's religious education program, other than the actual reception of the sacraments.

How much does it cost to send a child to St. Thomas More?

Please visit our Financial Information page for information regarding tuition and fees.  It is updated annually.