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Nationally recognized as a
Blue Ribbon School of Excellence!

National Blue Ribbon School 2016


St. Thomas More Catholic School continues a legacy of excellence in academic education with an exemplary faculty and a rigorous and relevant curriculum. As the elementary school is the foundation of a child’s educational career, STM committed to teaching the necessary concepts and skills that give students an academic advantage that lasts a lifetime. Our program is designed to educate the whole child -mentally, physically, and spiritually, which helps our children become the best that they can be.
Our core curriculum focus in grades kindergarten through eighth is on Catholicism, reading, math, English, science and social studies. Enrichment and elective classes are provided in health and physical education, Spanish, computer applications, art, vocal music and band.

For the past 5 years, STM teachers and administrators have been planning collaboratively to ensure a cohesive and sequential curriculum in religion and other core subjects based on national standards, state frameworks, and researched best practices. Grade-level and departmentalized curriculum maps and instructional units have been developed which incorporate active, engaged learning activities that challenge our students with hands-on-learning activities, technology integration and lab explorations. This has enabled student academic performances to soar above the national and comparable averages on standardized achievement scores and these scores consistently increase each year to indicate growth over time. Measures of these performances are the Assessment of Catholic Education and the Terra Nova Achievement Tests.

Learning to use technology encourages creativity, communication, presentation, problem solving, and organizational and time management skills. The integration of technology into the curriculum supports teaching higher thinking skills and allows students the opportunity to make computers a standard tool for learning rather than enrichment. All classroom computers are linked to the multi-media library.