The STM school office will be closed until April 13. Please email a member of the office staff if you need assistance and we would be happy to follow up with you.

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COVID-19 School Closure Updates

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Child Nutrition 


"Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus" - A great overview!
A more detailed resource for talking with children about the virus with suggestions based on your child's developmental age.
RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS: (in Common Drive -> Covid19 -> Counseling Resources)
This is a coloring book created by a counselor in New Orleans. It is an awesome, healthy way for students to process what is happening in the world right now! Younger children may benefit most by completing this activity alongside an adult.
Coronavirus Storybook for Kids
"Cosmic Kids" Yoga and Meditation YouTube Channel - Great yoga resource for young children. Can be used for short "brain breaks"!
Nice video that explains the virus to kids 

If you need any help with technology, as we work online through Distance Learning, please email and we will respond as soon as we can.