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Library and Accelerated Reader

2017 STM Book Fair - November 6-10

Welcome to the STM Library! 

Welcome to the STM Library page!  We have a child centered library that all students enjoy.  The library is open all day to the students to check out books and use the sixteen computers for classwork, looking up a book, taking an accelerated reader test, among other things.  OUr teachers utilize the thirty computers in the project lab connected to the library keeping very busy!  The students can come and make their reading selections from over the 11,000 books in our library.

You may access our online catalog by clicking here.

We have a “Birthday Book Club”. New hardback books donated to the library will have a book plate on the inside front cover indicating the child’s name and birth date who donated the book.  If you are interested in this program, please contact Mrs. Wisdom at

Kindergarten and 1st grade students come the library once a week to check out a book to bring home for the week.  This is a great time to read with your child or have them read to you.  It is the first step to building a lifelong reader!  In the library, they are also engaged in activities like story time and technology interactions.

2nd – 8th graders utilize the library for checking out books, researching, and engaging in technology rich lessons.



Accelerated Reader (AR)

The Accelerated Reader program allows students in grades 3-6 the opportunity practice and enhance their reading skills including comprehension and speed.  Students will be expected to earn points to meet a goal set each nine weeks by their language arts teacher.  They will earn these points by reading books and taking a computerized test on each. 

Students meeting their required point goal for the nine week period will earn alternate dress and admission to “spend” their points in our AR store. 

Students earning 500 points or more will become members of the 500 point club.  They will receive a medal and be recognized at the end of the year ceremony. 

Important AR Dates

1st Nine Weeks:

Last Day to Test: October 5

AR Store: October 11

2nd Nine Weeks:

Last Day to Test: December 20

AR Store:  January 9

3rd Nine Weeks:

Last Day to Test: March 8

AR Store: March 16

4th Nine Weeks:

Last Day to Test:  May 18

AR Store: May 22



Students perform better when parents are actively involved in the learning process. By logging onto Renaissance Home Connect*, parents can access real-time information in English or Spanish to stay up to date and keep their children motivated. Students and parents can:


·        Sign up to receive email notifications of quizzes

·        Review AR Quiz results

·        See progress towards reading goals

·        Conduct book searches using AR BookFind

*We do not allow quizzing in Accelerated Reader from home


STAR Testing

STAR testing is part of the Accelerated Reading program created by Renaissance Learning and is used in many schools/districts across the United States to provide information about students’ reading abilities. Students read at different levels and we strive to provide students with literature that is appropriate for their age and reading abilities to keep them engaged. 

The STAR test indicates the reading range in which the student has optimal comprehension without excessive frustration. This range is called the ZPD (zone of proximal development). The first test is just a baseline to help us place the child in the appropriate reading level to achieve optimal success. The test will be administered 5 times per year so we can track student progress. The first test is given at the beginning of the year, and then again at the end of each nine week period.

Thank you for being partners with us in encouraging your child to become a lifelong reader!  The library is the avenue where so many doors can be opened with the many books we have to offer!


Summer Reading

STM has a summer reading program for students entering grades 2nd – 8th grade.  Students are required to read two books over the summer.  The lists are available by clicking here.

Students entering 2nd grade will complete a reading log on their two books. 

Students entering 3rd-6th grade will take an AR test on each book. 

Students entering 7th-8th grade will have in class assessments to complete at the start of the new school year.


Baton Rouge has a few free summer reading programs to offer the kids.  Check the library schedules for story time and other fun events throughout the year. 

            East Baton Rouge Public Library

                   Kids will earn rewards for reading books and completing a reading a log provided by the library when you sign up. 

Learn more at under library services. 

            Ascension Parish Public Library


            Livingston Parish Public Library


            Barnes and Noble

Students entering grades 1-6 can earn a free book from a selected list by completing a summer reading journal on any 8 books they choose.  Learn more at