National Blue Ribbon School 2016

Girls Basketball

2016 Schedules:

Upcoming Tournaments:

Girls Basketball Coaches 2016-2017:

8th grade: Beau Brock

7th grade: Tommy Abadie

6th grade: Paula Mertz

We want to  encourage  our 7th/8th grade girls to come out for our STM basketball team this fall!  We have had great success with our girls basketball program and would like to continue this tradition. We have been fortunate to teach life skills to all the girls through the game and also find success on the scoreboard.  We need more girls to come out for the 8th grade this year in order to field a complete team and maintain this strong tradition at STM.  Even if your daughter has not played basketball in a while, our style of play only requires raw athleticism and commitment to the team.

Hope to see your daughter join us!  If you have any questions, you can email me or call me at school (275-3095) Marc Fournet Athletic Director.

ST. Thomas More Girls Basketball

6th grade tryouts :

Monday 8/8  2:45-4:30

Tuesday 8/9 2:45-4:30

Thursday 8/11 2:45-4:30

7th grade tryouts/practice :

Monday 8/8  5-6:30

Tuesday 8/9 5-6:30

Thursday 8/11 5-6:30

Friday 8/12  5-6:30

Sunday 8/14 4-6

8th grade tryouts/practice:

Monday 8/8  6:30-8

Tuesday 8/9 6:30-8

Wednesday 8/10 6:30-8

Thursday 8/11 6:30-8

Saturday 8/13 3-5

Underline dates are tryout dates.

Only coaches and school personnel are allowed in the gym during tryouts.

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade CSAA Basketball Form