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Admission Policy

St. Thomas More is committed to continuing a legacy of excellence in religious and academic education in a nurturing environment that fosters self-discipline. In considering students for admission to St. Thomas More Catholic School, we seek young people who can benefit from and contribute to the religious and academic mission of the school.

The admission policy has been designed to flow from the school’s mission, to address student readiness, to provide for effective monitoring by the School Board, to include minority outreach, and to develop structures for attracting qualified students to St. Thomas More School.

Parents who seek a Catholic education for their child(ren) enter into a contractual agreement with St. Thomas More Catholic School. The parent of a student offered admission agrees to abide by school rules covering all areas of the student’s development as stated in the Parent-Student Handbook and other communication from school officials. Parents are expected to cooperate in a positive manner with administrators, teachers, staff members and all members of the school community.

The school principal will serve as Admission Director and chair of an Admission Committee that will make all admission decisions including students entering kindergarten and students transferring to St. Thomas More from other schools. The assistant principal and two other faculty members selected by the administrators will serve on the Admission Committee.

Applicants for kindergarten must be at least five years of age no later than September 30 in the kindergarten year to be considered for admission. Applicants for first grade must be at least six years of age no later than September 30 in the first grade year to be considered for admission.

A copy of the child’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate (if applicable), immunization records on a complete health card, and a social security card to substantiate a social security number must be submitted for the prospective student to be considered for enrollment. The Admission Committee will offer admission only to those students who, in their judgment, can succeed in a curriculum designed for students who will participate in college preparatory programs in high school. Each candidate for kindergarten admission must complete successfully readiness testing administered by St. Thomas More personnel.

For an applicant who is attending another school, the student must submit a letter of recommendation from the principal of the sending school along with a complete cumulative record (including report card grades, attendance and conduct information, and standardized test scores) in order to be considered for enrollment by the Admission Committee. Additional testing may be required to evaluate applications of students attending other schools. The Admission Committee will not make offers of admission to transfer students who apply in the week before school begins with the possible exception of students moving from out of town.

A school faculty or staff member designated by the Admission Committee must interview an applicant and his or her parent(s) before an admission decision is finalized.

The principal, as Admission Committee chairperson, will make admission reports to the School Board at each board meeting. These presentations will include major reports in the Spring Semester before and after the majority of admission decisions are made. Other reports will provide updates throughout the school year for the year in session as well as reports for the coming school year as additional students are offered admission. These reports will inform the Board fully about admission practices and ensure that the admission policy is applied as written.

In order to generate a pool of qualified applicants for St. Thomas More School, the principal will form a Recruitment Committee consisting of the school administrators, faculty and staff members. This committee will focus its efforts on St. Thomas More and St. Patrick parishioners and pre-school students, other area pre-school students, and other students, including minority students, who would benefit from St. Thomas More’s legacy of excellence in religious and academic education. The principal may ask for assistance from the School Board and/or Home and School Association in implementing Recruitment Committee plans.

As prescribed by Diocesan policy, in those cases in which the number of applicants exceeds the number of positions available, priority for admission will be given in the following order:

  1. Children of Catholic parents who are registered in St. Thomas More, St. Patrick, Immaculate Conception, and St. Anthony parishes
  2. Children of Catholic parents registered in a church parish outside the school district who have the written consent of their pastor
  3. Students of other religious affiliations whose parents agree to allow their children to participate fully in the school’s religious education program, including attendance at Eucharistic celebrations and paraliturgical services, with the exception of actual reception of the sacraments.

The School Board will develop additional guidelines for admission if necessary.

St. Thomas More offers admission to qualified students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or national origin.

*Whenever the term “parent(s) is used, “parent(s) or guardian(s) is implied.